Racing Sail Models


Incredible, bad one in the aspect and fast the new navigating versions of Kokakola Racing Sail.

Beautiful and pure in the design, elegant and essential thing, this sailboat from regatta, detailed and refined in the details and the particulars, will give you many emotions on the sea.

Kokakola Racing Sail thanks to Practice Flying Tako scrips, you will be able to pilot it and to make real Sail Extreme on the SL sea.

Dimensions 26 m. (85 ft.) and wide 4 m. Four models of shape: Black & Red, Black and Limited Edition.

Avaible Releases:

Racing Sail White

003 Racing (normall script)

Racing Sail Black

006 Touring (practice script)

007 Touring (practice script)

Racing Sail Painted

009 Touring (practice script)

Start your American Cup.


Istructions Racing Sail

Script Practice Version

Script Racing Version

Flying Tako Tips

Kokakola Design takes to orders for preparations and colorations upon request to price to agree.

You can see it, visit it and buy it on SL. Teleport to:
First Island West (131, 62, 22) Kokakola Island.

Price: 2500 to 2800 LS

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