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Each Malavie Bag ia a art piece.

All Bags are cut and created one by one by hand and then folded with Origami techniques..

The result is amazing. Seven fantastic unusual concept bags folded and created without any seam..

Sophisticated design and fashion successfully applied to a simple and innovative idea.

Read compact and elegant simple and beautiful in design the Origami bags are art bags that accompany you at any place or time of your day.

They fit perfectly to Your style and are with You the Stars of the scene.

At the theater, disco or at a party anywhere to bring the Malavie will be key players for their design and their personalities.

Treat yourself or Give a original artistic bag unique absolutely Cult and Refined Simple in its beauty..

Malavie is not the usual bag but a philosophy, a part of you and your nature a creation to love and to show for its uniqueness and its beauty..

Unusual Bags. Creata e distribuita in Italia da Kokakola Design. Copyright 2010 - 2013. Tutti i diritti riservati. Visits 13579

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