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The Malave the Bags you can buy OnLine or if you prefer in this Shop:


via Madama Cristina 8/A TORINO
Tel e Fax: 011 6680657

TENDENZE Vittorio Emanuele 74
(ang. Re Umberto) TORINO

Milano (Coming Soon)

Roma (Coming Soon)

Personalized Malavie Bags

The Malavie Personalized with Your Picture then you can order only OnLine. Click below to Order Your Custom Exclusive Malavie ...

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Order Your Exclusive Only One Malavie personalized with your picture..

Malavie Bag will be Inseparable Colored Faithful and Tireless companion of your days...

Malavie is seamless and Fashion, Original, Indestructible, Waterproof...

Malavie is assembled entirely by hand, and folded like an origami derived from a single sheet of PVC...

Malavie's not the usual bag but an object absolutely Cult and sophisticated, yet simple beauty.

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